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Smartball Neck Strap

Smartball Neck Strap

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Add a fourth alignment stick to use True Aim's Swing Plane functionality.

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  • Improved Accuracy

  • Quick Setup

  • Instant Feedback

  • Consistent Performance


Achieve pinpoint accuracy in every aspect of your game, from powerful drives to delicate putts. The True Aim ensures your alignment is flawless , helping you consistently hit your target and shave strokes off your score.

Swing Plane Mastery Made Simple

True Aim's all-in-one training tool helps your perfect your swing with ease, and guides your club along the ideal swing plane, resulting in more controlled and powerful shots

Versatile, Portable, and Easy to Use

The True Aim adapts to your practice needs. With its portability and versatility, you can bring it to the range or use it at home. Setup is a breeze, allowing you to focus on improving your game with minimal hassle

  • Noah Montgomer

    True Aim is so effective and simple to use. It fits anywhere and I can set True Aim up for my students in seconds!!

  • Kip Puterbaugh

    I get asked to endorse a lot of products and I usually don't, but True Aim is a product I endorse and use for myself and students!!

  • Sean Foley

    If you struggle with alignment, and you probably do, checkout @trueaimgolf. This product is fantastic, and I'm not getting paid to say that!!

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How can True Aim improve my golf game ?

True Aim's Alignment system will drastically improve you aim and alignment while you practice. By focusing on your Aim and Alignment while you practice you will be able to go to the course and know you are properly aimed and aligned on every shot!!

How long does it take to see noticeable improvements in my game ?

See game improvement from your very first practice session with our alignment system. Instant feedback and visual cues will enhance your accuracy and alignment, making an immediate impact on your golfing performance.

Is it suitable for left-handed golfers ?

ust turn the Tour Aim around and it works the same for Left Handers!

How Long does the Shipping take?

United States: 6-12 Days

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Canada and Australia: 7-14 Days

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Warranty & Returns

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